The worlds finest automotive brake components

Made in Italy
since ’76

TAROX Brake Systems

Reach the peak

Our fully tailored systems consist of lightweight multi-piston calipers, brackets, rotors, pads and lines


Lucky enough to already own a TAROX BBK?

Replacement Rotors Replacement Pads

TAROX High Performance Rotors

Next level performance

Our selection of four rotor models, each tailored to suit unique demands


TAROX Performance Brake Pads

Choose your compound

From track day use to race application, or simply a superior pad for your daily driver


Bespoke Rotors

Get the tailored treatment

Two-piece rotors manufactured to order in a choice of specification for both classics and performance exotica alike


High Performance Fluid

The finishing touch

Use TAROX ‘Roadrace’ fluid for outstanding performance on road or track