C83 Brake Rotors

The OG (original groover)

The C83 was developed back in the early eighties and was the first ever slotted rotor produced for road going vehicles. The technology was brought over from Formula 1 by TAROX founder Gianni Taroni following his term as an innovator and supplier to the Ligier Team. (More on that in our blog)

Evenly spaced short straight slots wipe the pad to ensure the pad surface is clean and optimised for every pedal application. Dust, debris, and water are all removed from the pad resulting in improved bite and a more immediate response to the drivers input. As with all TAROX discs, the modern day C83 is manufactured using only the highest quality high carbon TUV approved castings and features the unique TAROX heat treatment for strength and durability. A final balancing and unique polishing process results in the smoothest finish ensuring perfect contact and a quick bedding-in process.

The TAROX C83 rotors are ideal for those looking for improved bite in a system where heat is already well managed.